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Industry Sectors

  abas Business Software - the ERP Software in daily use: Companies from various sectors report on their decision to opt for ABAS and make their evaluations - What has been achieved using the ERP software and what has changed? First-hand accounts of experience.  
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  We invite you to a tour of the companies who are using the abas Business Software. Every sector has specific company IT requirements: Get information by means of video films about the practical realization!  
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Market Studies

  How do independant studies evaluate abas Business Software? Aside from the level of prominence the focus lies on efficiency and quality criteria of the ERP system.  
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Customer Opinions

  ABAS customers draw their conclusions: Statements and opinions relating to the ERP software, its flexibility, the customer service and the achieved result.  
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"What I admire most about abas Business Software is the company that stands behind it: its flexibility, philosophy and customer understanding."
Dr. Werner Dax, IT Manager, IST METZ GmbH
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