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IT trade fair SYSTEMS 2008: “Ideas for Better Business"

  ABAS exhibits at Booth 228, Hall A1  
  abas trade fair boothKarlsruhe, September 22, 2008 – The SYSTEMS trade fair is kicking off the fall conference season under the motto “ideas for better business.” The specialized IT trade fair will be held in Munich from October 21 through 24. The items presented will include hot topics on optimization of business processes. ABAS Software AG will join with its distribution partners at Booth 228 in Hall A1 to present new developments on all aspects of abas Business Software (ERP, PPC, MRP, eBusiness).  
  New features in the 2008 version of abas Business Software  
  - increased ERP functions  
  The current version of the ERP software includes a variety of new developments and expanded features that will be presented at the SYSTEMS trade fair. For example, the pricing functions for purchasing and sales have been expanded, the shipping planning feature is now more flexible, and there is now an ATLAS connection available. In terms of production, there are new developments in all areas of production, procurement suggestions as well as the PRODLIST information system. In materials planning the 2008 version offers new features; performance, for instance, is one of  the features that has been further improved. Service processing has also undergone refinement: Areas optimized include service product parts lists and service reservations. The EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) segment also has a number of new features: In addition to an expanded unit table, there are now new layouts for Daimler materials tags and for international waybills. The financial and assets accounting functions offer a number of new developments, including with respect to SEPA funds transfers, monthly and annual reports, and calculation of depreciation. There are also new developments in the base technologies. For example in the interfaces, for printing, and in the graphical user interface (GUI) and the flexible interface.  
  - abas portal undergoes further development  
abas Portal: IT dashboards as a tool for visual representation of information
abas Portal: IT dashboards as a tool for
visual representation of information
New features in the abas portal include IT dashboards, which serve for visual presentation of information on a screen, as well as task portlets and StartCenter portlets. The portal server and portal standard applications have also been expanded.
  - abas eB eBusiness solution offers a broad array of new features  
abas eB Web shop: pre-certified by Trusted Shops
abas eB Web shop: pre-certified by
Trusted Shops
The service processing features of abas eB have been optimized in a number of ways. One of the new items is the “Main Search” tool in the service processing section, which enables fast searches of master data. The menu functionality has also been expanded. In the 2008 version, there are many additional options for operating information systems in abas eB. New features in the webstore include customer-specific net and gross prices and pre-certification by Trusted Shops.
  Presentation forum at the SYSTEMS: abas Principles for International Operations  
  At the presentation forum set up in Hall B2, Peter Forscht, COO of ABAS Software AG, is scheduled to hold a talk entitled “abas Principles for International Operations” on Wednesday, October 22, 2008. He will show that the success of the abas Group is based on abiding by principles such as long-term thinking and actions, independence from banks and investors, minimum-risk corporate development, and organic growth. About 12 years ago, ABAS Software AG was one of the first mid-sized German business software providers to begin marketing its product outside of the European Community. At the same time, since its inception, ABAS has followed principles of international operations such as meeting other cultures on the same level, ensuring personal contact, and maintaining structures based on a spirit of partnership.  
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